OneLife Foundation was founded by Scott Kiere in the early 2000’s to be an organization that promoted unity through education projects to help youth in areas of artistic and expressive need.

Currently OneLife Foundation, Inc. is reformed in full collaboration with Tazuo Yamaguchi to foster unity through education through the arts.

Scott Kiere is a Social Artist & Entrepreneur & Poet, successfully integrating practical wisdom with pragmatic business growth strategies and execution experience in his many executive roles.  As CEO of eVolutionary Green Holdings, he manages a small portfolio of companies, including Urban Green Development, where, as a Principal, he serves as President & CEO. He is a successful strategist and growth expert empowering intelligent and strategic process management to every business in his leadership scope. He is currently serving as a President & Chair of OneLife Foundation, Inc.; and has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for Excelsior and Social Venture Network. Scott is a champion for using business acumen, resources and reach as a way to make our world a better place to live and raise our children. “When a true journeyman has heart visions of what is over that mountain, through that porthole, and under the crying sky, then what he expresses are foundation maps weaved of hope, love and magic.”

Alaina Silva contributes a laser focus on numbers and accounting, as a partner of Urban Green Development, complimented by her approachable communication style. She counts Excel coding and statistics as second languages, right alongside Spanish and Hindi, and enjoys using mathematics as an approach to understanding the complexities of the modern world. A UCLA honors graduate with degrees in Sociology and Statistics, Alaina started her professional career in high-end restaurant management, developing digital solutions for financial analysis and operational protocol. All these skills and abilities Alaina contributes to OneLife Foundation as its Controller and as a Director of Programs.

Tazuo Yamaguchi, MA is a multiple disciplined multi-media artist who has worked with world class entertainment and high tech companies such as Lucasfilm LTD. Microsoft Corporation, Apple Computers. He has several undergraduate degrees in communication technology and learning psychology. A masters in the Education with an emphasis of fine arts and multi-media technology as a vehicle for learning. He has worked nationally for Major Universities, K-12 schools, and social organizations implementing education through the arts. Tazuo serves as creative director on the board of OneLife Foundation.

Cheryl Bunn Yamaguchi is a singer, musician, voice actor, art educator and multi-media artist. Who has worked as an administrative assistant for 15 years with Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta Georgia. She has also worked with social organizations and k-12 schools as a youth facilitator and has studied at the Atlanta Technical College. Her skills range from creative to organizational to technical bringing to any organization a wide range of aptitudes. She currently serves OneLife Foundation initiating the start up and coordinating schedules by identifying initial goals and objectives. y