A program focused on bringing the literary arts of written and spoken word to develop todays future generations with the skills to clearly, purposefully, and distinctively express themselves. Literary arts are applied to a persons ability to voice who they are in public speaking and direct communications that attribute to getting their basic needs to allowing them to choose their appropriate careers, thus contributing to the overall quality of life by offering their unique offerings. Being their original selfs with the knowledge how to communicate who they are. 


Traditionally in the entertainment industry, opportunities for people with disabilities (physical and invisible = mental, emotional trauma, psychological ) are not available. The ability to use their voices in narration, voice acting and composition of scripts, screenplays is always overlooked as the development, mentoring, and education to cultivate those skills. Even if someone with a disability (invisible and/or physical) has the interest, the passion, and the will to engage, enroll, and succeed in becoming successful technician, actor, writer, and content creator there is limited opportunities.


Providing disadvantaged or disenfranchised creative individuals with an active creative community where they can contribute, collaborate, validate, and become who they truly are with the aid of a qualified teachers and mentors, who want to see them succeed, is a critical component to helping them become self-respecting creative community contributors and living out their true life purpose. By providing them therapeutic and professional trained opportunities in the visual arts of drawing, painting and visual storytelling.


A program to integrate the natural ability of every human being to sing and express directly from the heart in daily life. To bring tone, timbre, and ones own ability to express themselves bringing forth wellness. People for centuries are brought together in songs that are either sang or expressed in a unique authentic spoken way. Most human beings are told early on that they can’t sing or express themselves in full vibrancy and conviction. Lemonade’s Spokesong brings back the everyday natural ritual of releasing cadence. Rhythm, intonation and melody.